How to send stickers on WhatsApp BETA

WhatsApp has recently added support for stickers in WhatsApp. The feature is disabled by default but can be enabled with WA Tweaker.

The stickers sent, however, are not delivered due to some client restrictions but if you have Xposed you can activate a tweak to bypass this block and send the stickers to anyone!

Let’s see how to do it ?


  • WhatsApp BETA 2.18.40+
  • WA Tweaker 1.0.2+
  • Root permissions
  • Xposed framework

Force close WhatsApp and open WA Tweaker.

Go to the Tweaks section and select the Xposed tab.

Open the Hidden features section and enable the “Enable stickers” and “Bypass block” tweaks.

Open WhatsApp conversation and select the emoji picker.

Tap on the stickers icon and send a sticker.

It will now delivered correctly.

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